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Terms & conditions

The term “Presse Sports” designates the Presse Sports press agency, which acts as agent on behalf of its photographers.

1) The sale of our documents does not imply that they become the property of the Purchaser; sales exclusively involve the right to reproduce such documents in pre-defined conditions.

2) The communication of documents and images does not, under any circumstances, constitute authorization to reproduce or in any way re-present them. Any use without prior agreement is forbidden. Such agreement is subordinate to the reception of a purchase order from the Purchaser indicating fields and limits of use, and to the acceptance, in the form of an invoice, by Presse Sports of this purchase order.
Reproduction rights are always restricted or, in other words, sold for a pre-defined use. Any new uses are subject to the prior agreement of Presse Sports.

3) All communication of documents or images is accompanied by our general conditions of sale, particular conditions of use, and the tariffs of these last; the Purchaser agrees to familiarize him or herself with the above before using the documents or images.

4) Any use of documents or photographs communicated to the Purchaser other than those enumerated in an invoice issued by Presse Sports will imply a new agreement and the payment of reproduction rights associated with that agreement.
Any re-use of documents or photographs enumerated in a prior invoice issued by Presse Sports will be subject to a new agreement with this last and must be the object of a new sale of rights of use and/or reproduction.
In the same manner, documents and photographs conserved by the Purchaser cannot be sold by this last to a third party in view of their reproduction either in France or in the rest of the world without a new agreement with Presse Sports and without payment of the rights associated with that agreement.

5) If any documents which have not been authorized by Presse Sports are discovered by chance to have been reproduced or re-published, Presse Sports reserves the right to increase the price of rights by 200% based on current tariffs.

6) For any use of documents communicated by Presse Sports, a statement of publication or checking copy must imperatively be sent to Presse Sports within a month of publication.

7) Moral Right of Authors: In conformity with the dispositions of the French Intellectual Property Code, the Purchaser undertakes to respect the attributes of the moral right of the authors of the documents. Thus, for all uses of the photographs, the Purchaser undertakes to ensure that the name of the photographer followed by “Presse Sports” appears along the side of the photograph. Moreover, the Purchaser undertakes not to modify the photographs, captions or documents in any way without the prior and express authorization of Presse Sports. In the case in which the right to the author’s by-line or to the integrity of the documents transmitted is not respected, Presse Sports reserves the right to increase the price of reproduction rights by 100% based on current tariffs, the Purchaser being solely responsible in the case of legal action taken by third parties.

8) Rights of Personal Portrayal: It should be remembered that the invoices of the Presse Sports agency refer to the sale of exploitation rights of the authors of the documents. However, it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure, prior to any use of the images, that the persons photographed have given their express consent. If this is not the case, the Purchaser will not invoke the guarantee of Presse Sports during any dispute concerning the Right of Personal Portrayal of a third party.

9) Disputes: All disputes relative to the interpretation and execution of the this document will be exclusively dealt with in the courts whose jurisdiction covers the head office of Presse Sports, even in the case of actions to enforce a warranty or in the case of a plurality of defendants. French law will be exclusively applicable.